Thursday, May 31, 2012


Each Saturday at 2pm the YSA's from Dar es Salaam District attend Institute. There is always an Activity to follow planned by one of the four Branch's YSA Representatives. This Saturday the Ubungo Branch planned a very successful Sports Day filled with lots of fun and great sportsmanship. Basketball and Football (soccer) were the two favorites. Everyone agreed we need to do this more often!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


What a delightful surprise to have a dozen roses delivered on Mother's Day to our home in a 3rd world city that has few street names, no addresses, and no postal codes. Thank you Jessica, Joseph, Lindsey, Britton,  Anna, Gregory, Megan and Whitney. Thanks so much for your love and support! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

TRANSFERS - An Organizational Masterpiece

Unlike Senior Missionaries who usually stay in one area our entire mission, the young Elders and Sisters will work in one area for a few (or several) months until they are transferred to a new area. The Kenya Nairobi Mission (KNM) covers  the entire countries of Kenya and Tanzania. There are 12 zones in the mission (9 in Kenya, 3 in Tanzania).  Each zone has one or two districts, and each district has several areas. Each area has one companionship (two missionaries); there are 51 companionships (or 102 young missionaries) in the KNM. There are 15 Senior couples including the Mission President and his wife. Transfers come along every six weeks ( in 343 missions around the world) with great anticipation. Who will stay and who will be transferred is a prayerful decision made by the Mission President and his two assistants (young elders - who also get transferred around). It is truly an organizational masterpiece; it's not just deciding who moves and where, but the when and how of  transportation. A few missionaries leave; new ones come to replace them. It's always hard to see the missionaries you have come to love get transferred.  However, we know that these transfers are inspired and the Lord knows where each missionary is needed and/or what each missionary individually might need. 

This transfer we lost some of our very favorites. But we are excited for their new assignments and new growth. This is a Divine Work! We are so very thankful to be apart of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder! 
Goodbye Elders Haynes, Madubanya, DeWitt, and Mpahlele...for now
Dar es Salaam District Transfer Dinner

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ELDER JOHN KOMBA - Called to Serve - South Africa, Johannesburg Mission

John Komba, one of our favorite YSA's, is the third missionary called from the Chang'ombe Branch in Dar es Salaam District since we have been here. He is an outstanding young man and is so excited to serve in the South Africa, Johannesburg Mission. He was set apart tonight and then a goodbye dinner followed. He leaves at 4:45am tomorrow for the airport and his first experience on an airplane. We love John!!

John's buddies Herman & Patrick are waiting for their mission calls.

Uncle John, Elder Noll, John, Branch Pres. Komba, Elder Worthen

John's proud parents
Family and Friends

A favorite son


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