Saturday, October 27, 2012

Transfer Dinner, Joseph Henerico Leaves for his Mission, Happy Birthday Elder Worthen

Is it transfer time already? We love you Dar es Salaam Missionaries!
Kinondoni YSA's saying goodbye to Joseph
Joseph leaves for his Mission to Johannesburg just 2 weeks after his brother, Alfred, returns from the South Africa Capetown Mission.
Joseph's setting apart: Elder Worthen, President Sambo, Elder Henerico, Alfred Henerico, Elder Noll

Out with the Noll's for a Birthday Dinner for Bruce

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phinias Nyambita - Called to Serve in the Kenya Nairobi Mission

Phinias Nyambita, leaves for his home in Mwanza to spend a few weeks with his family before he leaves for Nairobi to begin his mission among the "Kenya Nairobi Warriors". We first came to know and love Phinias when he attended our conducting and keyboarding classes in Mbezi Beach while he was in boarding school in Dar and living with President Kachuchuru's family.  He is a bright and articulate young man with a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He shares his testimony as he lives it by being humble, kind, dependable, hardworking and serving others. He is also a very good athlete and serves as Branch Clerk, President of his Institute Class, and YSA rep. Phinias will be an exceptional missionary! Good bye, for now, our African son.
Phinias doing a back flip on Mbezi Beach
Phinias landing the back flip

 We had an enjoyable and memorable evening together and met Phinias' brother, Baraza (left) the night we said good-bye to Phinias. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joseph Baraka Okanda - Best Ever Swahili Teacher and New PEF Law Student

We are saying goodbye to our dear friend, Okanda, as he leaves for Law School...his dream that has become a reality with the help of a PEF loan. With hard work and diligence he was accepted into a very competitive program at the University of Dodoma which is about 300 miles west of Dar. Okanda has been the Swahili tutor for all of us Dar Zone missionaries since we arrived. He has served faithfully for several years as the Chang'ombe Branch Elder's Quorum President and has completed and excelled in the conducting and keyboard courses we taught. He is an exceptional young man and he will be missed by many, especially us! Onward and upward Okanda!! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

GELITE, Star Student and Recently Called Missionary

Gelite (pronouced: gay-lee-tay) Ngosha is charming and adorable! She is a talented young lady and loves to sing,  conduct, attend choir and conducting and keyboard classes. She also just received her Mission Call to serve in the New York, New York North Mission. Most of our Tanzanian missionaries are called to serve somewhere in Africa so this is a first here and everyone is very excited for her.  She reports to the Provo MTC the last week of November. New York, New York North is getting a sweetheart!


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