Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dar es Salaam District 1st Annual Christmas Caroling Fireside

On the Sunday afternoon before Christmas, the Dar es Salaam District presented a Christmas Caroling Fireside celebrating the Birth of Christ through music and singing held at the Ubungo Chapel. The Branch Presidents and their wives read passages of the Christmas story from Luke II. The narrative was interspersed with a variety of Christmas songs from the District Choir, the 4 Branch Primary Children's Choir, Congregational Carols and other special musical numbers. People appreciated lingering afterward to visit and enjoy the sweets that the Sisters from the District brought  to share. The District and Branch leaders were so pleased with the enthusiasm and attendance that they decided to make this an annual event.
Dar es Salaam District Choir
President and Sister Kachuchuru reading from Luke II

4 Branch Primary Children's Choir
Singing Congregational Carols

Saturday, December 15, 2012

First Ever Country-Wide YSA Conference in Tanzania

After many months of planning and preparation, the first Country-Wide Young Single Adult conference in Tanzania was held Dec 13, 14 and 15 in the beautiful little town of Bagamoyo, 70km north of Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean. 61 YSA's participated with every Branch in Tanzania represented; the 4 Dar Branches, plus the Arusha and Mwanza Branches.
Daniel, Christina and Magrath enjoying a break
A Class on "Living the Standards of the Church"


 The conference included classes on: Education & Life Skills, Planning/Making Decisions, CV's & Job Interviews, Mission Preparation, Life after Mission, Temple Marriage, Living Gospel Standards, Daily Scripture Study and Receiving Personal Revelation taught by District and Branch leaders and Pres. & Sister Broadbent.  Social Activities included Getting-to-Know-You Games, eating delicious meals together each day, an All-Tanzania Dance, and a serene walk to the Beach. The last evening the YSA's enjoyed an inspiring Fireside with the Kenya Nairobi Mission President Steven H. Broadbent and his wife, Julie, which was followed by a powerful testimony meeting. The conference provided opportunities to meet other young adults, form friendships and strengthen personal testimonies. It was a HUGE success enjoyed by all who attended and will become a Tanzania YSA yearly event!
Elders Worthen & Knecht, Sisters Broadbent & Knecht making Water Balloons for Fun at the Beach

The Beach was a Beautiful Walk and just a few minutes away from the Conference Center

This Cross is a memorial to the Missionaries who landed on this Beach in 1868 to establish the First Christian Church in Tanzania.

 Prior to departing on Saturday, the conference participants made an informative and educational visit to the Bagamoyo Museum. "Bagamoyo" means "Lay Down Your Heart" and Bagamoyo was the last stop of the slaves before they left the African Continent. Visiting the museum helped everyone appreciate the great work done by so many to end the slave trade in East Africa.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Farewell to Silvanus

Silvanus Ngwandu with his Mother, Lucy, at the Dar es Salaam airport leaving for the Zimbabwe, Harare Mission

When we first arrived in Dar we met an energetic young man with the world's biggest smile named Silvanus (see Blog 3 Nov and Feb 2012). He had only been a member a few months and was telling us he would be going on a mission soon. He loved working with the Elders especially in sharing the gospel with his family and friends. His mother was his first convert. He has been  responsible in his church callings, loved learning and attending Institute and YSA activities. Kwaheri, Silvanus! Jambo Zimbabwe! It has been a privilege to know your great soul.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Transfer Dinner

Each Transfer Dinner brings us that much closer to the end of our mission. This is the last Transfer Dinner that we will host. We are sad to see the missionaries we have come to know and love move on to other assignments or return home.  Yet we rejoice in knowing they have served well and worked hard. It is also a pleasure to welcome a group of new comers to the Dar es Salaam Zone. Change is good for growth!    

Farewell to Elders Maxwell, Kakaire, Sister Ndlwalana, Elders Kiggundu, Kazomba, Nheredzo

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