Thursday, April 26, 2012

REMARKABLE MWANZA - "Rock City" and Land Before Time

An hour and a half plane ride to northwestern Tanzania brings us to the beautiful south shore of Lake Victoria, Africa's biggest, and the world's second largest fresh water lake. Here lies the uniquely scenic town of Mwanza, known as 'Rock City' due to the numerous rock formations dotting the entire landscape. Wind and water erosion have left spectacular granite rock formations that defy gravity. We had the pleasure and opportunity to spend several days there providing PEF and Church Education training to the newest Branch of the church in Tanzania.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Every few months, all of the missionaries in the country of Tanzania come together for a Zone Conference in Dar es Salaam. Our dear Mission President, Steven Broadbent and his sweet wife Julie, come down from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam to lead the conference.  We learn, we laugh, we eat, we sing, we talk and come away inspired and prepared to carry on with strengthened testimonies of this divine work. We are all here because we love the Lord and want to serve Him to the best of our abilities. It is interesting that every time you give the Lord a crust he gives you back a loaf. We feel so blessed to be here!
Zone Conference Dar es Salaam
Elders Chimbetete, Madubanya, DeWitt & Pocock
Getting ready with President & Sister Broadbent
"Chiquita Banana"  - A fun break song and dance
Old and new companions
 Reunion for Elders Madubanya & Anievas

More singing
Good eats! Lucy & Grace Mwingira, Elder Keno & Sister B
Welcome first ever Tanzania Sister Missionaries Sibanyoni, Kabamba, Phir & Kusina

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Mbezi Beach Branch was having an Easter Party.  Mbezi Beach is a beautiful little town, located about 10 km north of Dar on the Indian Ocean. President Kachuchuru asked his branch YSA's  to host the party and invite the District YSA's to come out for their YSA activity. It was amazing. Those Young Single Adults, both male and female, prepared all the food and cooked the lunch over an open fire. It was a great success, everyone had a wonderful time. After lunch, we all went inside and watched the church video, "To This End was I Born". It was a perfect celebration!

Sister Kachuchuru helping serve
Phinias, about to enjoy the fruits of his labors
Well-fed and happy

Smiles that light up everyone and everywhere
Of course our Mbezi Beach missionaries came

Happy, future YSA's loving a photo op

Thursday, April 5, 2012


We had a very successful YSA (Young Single Adult) Service Project at the Chang'ombe Branch last Saturday.  Herman and Angela, the Branch YSA Reps, after talking with their Branch President, decided what their Branch needed most was a good deep cleaning of the building and grounds.  We had a great turnout with many cheerful and willing bodies to assist. We have the privilege of working with these wonderful young people every Saturday!
Wonderful YSA's of the Dar es Salaam District

"The world has need of willing men...Put your shoulder to the wheel!"
Usta, Angela, Caroline, Brane and Francis preparing snacks
Brane and Jackson, two of Sister Worthen's very gifted keyboard students

Herman and Angela, Chang'ombe Branch YSA Reps
First to come, last to leave. Well done Chang'ombe Branch!


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