Thursday, April 5, 2012


We had a very successful YSA (Young Single Adult) Service Project at the Chang'ombe Branch last Saturday.  Herman and Angela, the Branch YSA Reps, after talking with their Branch President, decided what their Branch needed most was a good deep cleaning of the building and grounds.  We had a great turnout with many cheerful and willing bodies to assist. We have the privilege of working with these wonderful young people every Saturday!
Wonderful YSA's of the Dar es Salaam District

"The world has need of willing men...Put your shoulder to the wheel!"
Usta, Angela, Caroline, Brane and Francis preparing snacks
Brane and Jackson, two of Sister Worthen's very gifted keyboard students

Herman and Angela, Chang'ombe Branch YSA Reps
First to come, last to leave. Well done Chang'ombe Branch!

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