Thursday, March 22, 2012


We never expected that once we were assigned to Tanzania that we would ever have the opportunity to travel outside our mission area. Along with our calling in the Perpetual Education Fund, we were also asked to be the country coordinators for S/I (Seminaries and Institutes). That assignment gave us an opportunity to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa last week to attend the annual Africa Southeast Area S & I Couples Conference.  It was a great blessing to receive the needed training and inspiration to help us administer and understand the program here in Africa with greater insight and ability.
Sr. Missionary Couples from all over Southeast Africa
Powerful Instruction from Elder Kyungu, Pres Makasi and Brother Khumbulani 

An added bonus was getting together with Jeff Clayton, 
an old friend of Bruce's from high school, 
who is serving as the Africa Southeast Area Legal Counsel. 

 An extra added bonus was a visit to the Temple on our last day.

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