Thursday, August 25, 2011

First days in Nairobi

We and all our luggage arrived safely in Nairobi late Tuesday night.  We were met at the airport and stayed the first night with President Steven and Sister Julie Broadbent. It was great to finally meet them in person.  They are as wonderful as they sounded on the phone. Wednesday night we were introduced to all the fantastic and dedicated senior couples working in Nairobi.  Five couples live in some condos close together called "the nest". They organized a fun get-to-know-you dinner for us. We will meet the rest of the couples from the entire mission when we all meet together at the Nakuru National Park and Lodge for the Couples Conference Sept 2nd and 3rd.

We traveled to Kilunga Hills today (Thursday) with Elder and Sister Hall whose assignment it is to serve the 4 branches in this beautiful area that looks a lot like Machu Picchu. The road to the "Hills" is a steep, narrow, and bumpy dirt road. On the way up we saw wild impalas, ostrich, monkeys, storks and people herding all sorts of goats, cattle, donkeys and camels.

The traffic is heavy in the city with many large trucks, literally thousands of pedestrians, and mini buses called matatus (vans crammed full of people hanging out the doors) dodging and weaving through traffic nearly colliding with autos and pedestrians.We survived as do all the couples everyday as they wend their way to "work".   We are still getting used to the time difference and are told it will take a month before we are totally acclimated.  Tomorrow we meet with the area CES director as we will be coordinating with him on getting PEF started in Tanzania.  Saturday we fly down to Dar Es Salaam and discover what we will be experiencing for the next year and a half!
Elder and Sister Worthen with Sister and President

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