Thursday, November 10, 2011


Thembinkosi and Bruce
 The area Perpetual Education Fund Coordinator, Thembinkosi Mkhize, came for a three day visit to Tanzania for the final phase of Country approval before opening PEF here.  On the first day we arranged to visit three different schools to assess their willingness and ability to have students funded by PEF loans.  All the schools admissions officers were very willing to talk to us and had many questions about why a Church would want to do such a thing.  This of course lead to other questions, which we were more than happy to answer. All the schools visited met the PEF criteria for participating in the program.  On the second day we visited the Tanzania Commission on Universities and NACTE , the organizations tasked with certifying all Universities and vocational/trade schools in the country to make sure they meet the national criteria.

Branch Presidents Mwaipopo and Qorro, Pres Ramat, District President Balilemwa, Pres Mhungo, Branch Presidents Komba and Kachuchuru
On the third day we met with The District Presidency and Branch Presidents to explain the program and train regarding criteria for selecting potential PEF students. Thembinkosi felt the visit was a complete success and only had to finish the paper work and acquire signatures from the Africa Southeast Area Authorities to send on to Church Headquarters for final approval which should be complete by the first of the year.

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