Thursday, June 14, 2012

MEET PHINIAS - An Exceptional Young Adult

Phinias Nyambita is a wonderful young man. He has completed the basic music course and is currently a dedicated student of our keyboard class in Mbezi Beach. He has just finished his final two years of secondary education, grades 12 & 13, specializing in economics. Phinias is looking forward to serving a mission and is about ready to turn in his papers. His father, President Abish Nyambita is the Branch President of the Mwanza Branch (Rock City).  Phinias has been attending boarding school here in Dar es Salaam. Many African families send their children to boarding schools for the last two years because each school has specialized subjects along with the core classes.  He has been serving as his Branch Clerk, and is active in Institute and YSA activities. Phinias is a great blessing to the Dar es Salaam District!


  1. Beautiful!! And look at those piano skills!! Awesome!

  2. Phinias will finish his mission on 15th on November and he will carry on with the class



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