Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who are the Creatures in your Neighborhood...the Creatures that You Meet Each Day!

Large Lurking Lizard
Elder and Sister Noll called this morning, "Quick come bring your camera, the Lizard is here".  Our two minute walk brought us face to face with, what we think is a 6 foot Nile Monitor Lizard. He was as cautious of us as we were of him. He finally found a crack in the wall and climbed up and  away.
It was a lovely day and as we walked back home we took some more pictures of the little creatures in our neighborhood.

This Banded Mongoose is sitting just off our back porch. His friend just scurried around the corner. They frolic and tumble around each other and are so entertaining to watch.   The gardener in our compound likes to have them around because they keep the snake population down. They must be doing their job because, thankfully, Sister Worthen has yet to see a snake here. That is one more tender mercy we are so thankful for!
 We were following a butterfly around the back of our yard when another Nile Lizard appeared! This one was much smaller and quickly scurried away when it saw us. We are truly living in a Tropical Menagerie.

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