Thursday, October 20, 2011

General Conference and Farewells

We were finally able to view General Conference on the 15 and 16th of October!  The DVD’s arrived from Salt Lake translated into Kiswahili.  We were thankful they also sent them in English too (Our Swahili is coming, but it is coming slowly) we really wanted to understand every word and we enjoyed every minute! The building was packed to capacity! The entire District met at the Ubungo building where they enjoyed a newly installed big screen to view conference. We also had to say goodbye to a couple of great Swahili speakers and favorite Elders (ok, we have admit, they are ALL our favorites!) Some were being transferred and one was going home. They love getting together the night before transfers.  It is a tradition we have them all to dinner. This time was at the Nolls, our house next transfer. : )
The Dar es Salaam District Elders from left going clockwise around the table, Elders Chimbetete, Anievas, Huskinson, Bywater, Dlepu, Rosemann, Coles, Jimu, Nyazumgu and Bhala  

Elder Rosemann, a great teacher and District leader- exceptional missionary, heading home to Woods Cross, Utah 

 Elder Coles, from Silverado, CA was transferred 10 hours north to Arusha, his last area before he goes home next transfer.Another exceptional missionary!

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  1. Fantastic pictures!! Love the updates. What DARLING missionaries you are working with.

    Love you so much...



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