Thursday, October 6, 2011

Harbari, Za Asubuhi! ( "Good Morning" greeting in Swahili)

We had the best day visiting the Mbezi Beach Branch on Sunday.  They have only been a Branch for a couple of months...they are small in number but great in enthusiasm and love. The church is a two story home that has been converted into several class rooms and a large area for the chapel. They had a convert baptism after church and then we all got together on the front porch area and had a traditional celebration dinner of Pilau and Pork Knuckles.
Irene between Elders Huskinson and Dlepu.  Her Father and Brothers are standing behind.
 Irene is the niece of the Relief Society President, Sister Kabaza. Irene's non-member father and brothers all came to support her.  Elder Dlepu baptized her and our new Elder Huskinson (from Bremerton, WA - a former Tacoma Dome Dance Festival Participant!) have been teaching her. 
The baptismal font is outside.  Yes, you need two ladders - one to climb in and one to climb out.
Elder Worthen was asked to witness the Baptism.

 Adam,  President Kachuchuru's son, is very proud of  his " Future Missionary" tag. 

Pam will be starting a Music Class at Mbezi Beach this coming Saturday.  This is the third out of four Branches that she has started so far. The Church's Basic Music Program has two parts: the Conducting Course and the Keyboard Course. They must complete the Conducting Class first, which teaches them the basics of rhythm, note reading and how to conduct hymns. Then they can start the Keyboard Course which will teach them them how to read music and play some simple hymns on the keyboard. It is so exciting to teach people that are so excited and hungry for knowledge. The classes are pure fun.
                           Elias, Grace, Robert, Romanus, Sister Worthen, Junior, Brother Okanda - Elias and Romanus have been called to serve in South Africa where they will use their new musical knowledge in the mission field.  


  1. So coool to see you in action over there! We love being able to see all of the pictures and hear all about what's going on. We MISS you! Oh and by the way, you're on my FAVORITES list so we'll be keeping a close eye on you! Love you! the Gouldings



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