Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pictures of our Home in Dar Es Salaam

We have been out of electricity for the past several days.  This has not happened since we've been here, so it is great to finally have some power! Usually we have power at least 8 or 9 hours for every 24  hours, but this was something  new as when the electricity came on it would fluctuate between bright and almost nothing. Our neighbor warned us to turn everything off as the power surges could damage everything electrical.  Everything thawed out in the freezer and much went off in the frig...but we didn't have a huge stock of food yet, so thankfully it wasn't a great loss. We are excited for our generator to have a home in the new outside building, but are still waiting for the door and window grates to be installed.  We are not fussed about any of these things because we have learned pretty quickly to roll with it as that is what it is like here. The great things about our new home here in Dar FAR out weigh the inconveniences...some you will see below. We have been asked to send pictures of where we are living, so here they are.

Our home - Street view

Elder and Sister Worthen outside our front porch and entrance
Looking from the screened porch and front door into the Living Room. That is a Swahili Book of Mormon. Swahili lessons every Wednesday evening! Habari,  Za Jioni (How are you this evening?) 
Looking into the Dining Room from the Living Room
Looking into the Kitchen from the Dining Room
More Kitchen to the right of  picture to the left.
Master Bedroom- notice mosquito net on top of frame. A welcomed protection.
          Back yard with 3000 Liter Storage Tank and smaller gravity flow pressure tank.  Because of these, we have thankfully, never been without water.
Papaya tree in our back yard.  Yum, we have already had 3 of these.  Jarvis, the compound keeper climbed up and gave them to us.  We'll try to get a picture of him up there next time.
Bananas almost ready! Behind our generator house.

Fausta, our next door neighbor, an incredible woman who takes care of 2 of her nephews, twins Dennis and Davis. Another little boy, Armani, lives there too with his mother, Veronica who is the house helper.


  1. It's oldsheimers I guess. Yes I did see your first post. I just couldn't remember. Love seeing where you live, the fun safari and people you work with. What a wonderful experience. Thanks again for hosting our son. Can Doug and I come on the next safari? Bruce you fixed any ingrown nails yet?

  2. We LOVED having Mike here and you had better come on safari with us!!! One ingrown toenail, in Presidents office.



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