Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Nakuru National Park and Lodge

We just had the most amazing weekend at the Lake Nakuru National Park and Lodge in Kenya.  The rooms were lovely, we had an incredible panoramic view of the hills and lake.  We kept thinking how much the grandchildren would have loved seeing all the Zebras, Giraffes, Cape Buffalo, Rhinos, Baboons and LIONS!! The only problem would have been them wanting to jump out of the truck to pet them.  Most probably would have ran away...all but the Lions, that is. Some in our group actually saw the pride take down a Cape Buffalo and enjoy dinner. We drove off a few minutes before and just missed it. What an amazing experience to see these truly magnificent creatures in the wild just a few feet away.  A once in a lifetime experience!

While we were all gathered to enter Nakuru Park,  this monkey jumped on the top of the our truck. 
We took this picture for our grandson, Avery, who LOVES monkeys.

Zebra crossing-right in front of our truck
Giraffe from a distance- beautiful and shy
Lion cubs playing on the road - there were six cubs altogether.
King of the beasts taking a nap
Waking up
You could stare at these beautiful beasts for hours. We were about six feet away.
Make way for the Lions
Up on the rocks again
Elder and Sister Worthen at Nakuru Lodge with a Maasai Warrior
Mommy with baby hanging on for dear life
Mommy and baby Baboon
Cape Buffalo right on the side of the road. He wouldn't move...just kept starring
Many, many Pink Flamingos. Unfortunately the road did not go very close to the Lake at this point.
We came around the corner and this White Rhino was heading down our path
So glad he decided to turn and go another way. Extraordinary beautiful creature! Breathtaking!

We were all in our own vehicles. We rode with the Byrds who knew the difference between the white and black rhinos, and could share all sorts of interesting information about the African wild life. We meandered  along the many roads in the park looking for and chancing upon the animals. When someone saw something really exciting, we would call each other on the phone and let them know the location.What a way to Safari! The best of the best of fun!
On Sunday we had a Sacrament Service with all the couples and President and Sister Broadbent.
It was full of the Spirit while each couple told which hymn was their favorite and why. Many sweet stories and testimonies were shared.  Then everyone sang each couples choice.  It was a powerful meeting. Music invites the Spirit!  We also had a fireside that evening where President shared with us the new training that has come out to enhance Preach My Gospel. He also showed us a new video clip that the Church has produced just for Africa. Amazing weekend! Oh, and did we mention the food?  Excellent!!


  1. Avery was very excited to be mentioned in your blog. Love and miss you both so much!!

  2. Okay, so we'd decided we just weren't going to be able to do the trip because of the kids etc., but seriously? After seeing this pictures, I WANT TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pipe dream....:):)
    What a cool place to be...!



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