Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tanzania Update

We have been learning our job and meeting people that we need to meet to make happen what we are supposed to make happen. We flew back home from Kenya Tuesday and have had an entire day at the new house today with "fundis" (foon-dees) or workers that are repairing plumbing and electrical things so we can have a pleasant time here in Dar. We have a list of things that don't work and they need to be fixed within 30 days of move in - after then we are responsible for ALL repairs. The good news is we are happy and healthy. We have a really beautiful home but just outside our gates are many, many hundreds of thousands of people with one room homes, no car, very little money, very little food and very little work. But you would never know it.  They are a happy people. A beautiful and loving people that we adore! What a great blessing to be here with so many people who are so excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these Latter days. The Gospel is true and has changed so many lives for the better.

Tomorrow is Sunday and we will be attending one of our two branches, the Ubungo branch (pronounced ooh-boon-go ) for the first time. We will be attending 3 convert baptisms after the 3 hour block! We have asked the Nolls and the two Elders assigned to that branch to come over for dinner.  They will be our first dinner guests in our new home. We will also be meeting with the District President, Pres. Balilemwa, about the PEF coming to Tanzania.  He was a PEF recipient himself, and is very excited for it to start.  We will have a busy Sunday, it will feel good!! Also, there is already someone ready and anxious to take keyboard lessons.More on that later.

We have some people here next week from the Church's translation dept. that we will be meeting with. Then Elder Nelson will be coming with a group of Seventies to the Africa South East Area in late October. He will stay in Nairobi, but Bishop Edgley will be coming here to Dar Es Salaam. Everyone is very excited and looking forward to their visit.

Elder and Sister Worthen, Elders Chimbetete, Rosemann, Coles, Anievas, Elder and Sister Noll

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