Thursday, September 1, 2011

More about home in DAR

We love our new home! We are fortunate to have a large reserve water tank so we have a constant supply.  We have to purify it before we can drink it or brush our teeth with it and we also need to keep our mouths closed in the shower. We have adjusted well to this and are so thankful that we have water readily available. The church has supplied all the missionaries, young and old, with a water filtration system.  It was installed for us the day we moved in.   We need to rinse all of our fruits and vegetables in a bleach and water solution before we eat or cook them.  There are no dishwashers here (but us!) and so we also must put bleach in our wash and rinse water. We never know when our electricity will be on or off. Every day and night we are without electricity for many hours at a time.We have fans in most of the rooms, and it is so nice to have them running when the electricity is on.  We have 3 air in our bedroom, the guest room and the living room.  The living room air conditioner is on the "need to fix" list.  We are fortunate to be getting a generator, especially for the very hot days to come this summer (which are December and January). Workers are building a cement block house to keep it in.There are many fundis fixing many things today. All is good!!
We leave for the couples weekend this Friday to the Nakuru National Park and Lodge and are looking forward to meeting with all the Kenya Nairobi Mission couples and Pres and Sister Broadbent. We are told there will be picture opportunities galore with all sorts of African animals. Til then!

Our wonderful water filtration system

Elder and Sister Worthen with building fundis (workers)

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