Thursday, September 15, 2011

FINALLY...The Blog is Official!

Dear Family and Friends,
Our darling daughter-in-law, Lindsey, helped get this blog going before we left for our mission.  She designed the heading, downloaded pictures, copied our emails, and coached and cheered us along. Thanks for never giving up on us, Lindsey! We are so techno-illiterate.  After many hours of  learning through doing, we are so happy to finally be up and running. 
We have started at the if you want to begin at the beginning you should scroll down to the bottom of the blog where it all starts.  We will try to keep up with the blog most weeks. We would enjoy reading your comments if you would care to leave them...don't feel obligated, and also please understand we won't be able to respond much because of our limited time and internet access here.
Thanks for all your love, patience and support,
Bruce and Pam (AKA Elder and Sister Worthen)


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing. I just realized that you are serving in the same city as some good friends of mine. Well, ok, they are serving in the Army but hey, they are serving! I am glad you made it safely.
    Jennifer Dodson

  2. Oh I love hearing about your mission. We heard Elder Richard Hinkley speak on Monday night about the need for Couples missionaries and how the new changes came about. In today's paper is a very long article about the need for couples missionaries. Good on you two for serving. We pray for you everyday.

  3. Hello Worthens! I teach International Business at BYU-Idaho and I have a student, Lewis Bello, from Dar Es Salaam!

  4. i was so excited when mom called me to tell me that you were in her class at the mtc. i dont know who was more excited her or me!
    thanks for sending me your blog. it will be fun to follow you on your mission.

    carla curtis

  5. Hello Worthens. We were with Hermana Worthen in Tenerife. We have since been PEF coordinators in the Caribbean (living in the Dominican Republic) and are now enjoying life in Quito, Ecuador serving the PEF participants here. Nice change, no need for air conditioning at 10,000 feet. You will love your mission. Africa is doing great with PEF. The Pettingills

  6. Hi, my friends! Thanks a ton for adding me to your blog! I am soo excited to follow you through-out your mission! Africa is so blessed to have you, two. You are missionaries! Yeah! Of course I will pray for you often. I love you guys! Gina



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