Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are you Red, Blue, White or Yellow?

We had the most interesting and remarkable Zone Conference this week! Elder Hartman (AKA Dr. Taylor Hartman, author of  the "Color Code" books), was called to serve as the Africa Southeast Area Mental Health Specialist with his wife, Jean. They are an extraordinary couple and have helped missionaries all over Africa understand the differences in personality types and then use that to build more harmony and success  in companionships. We all enjoyed the compelling and very valuable learning experience!
                  The KNM Missionaries showing their Colors - Red, Blue, White and Yellow wristbands.                              Elder and Sister Hartman are front row, right of middle.
During the Conference President Broadbent invited Silvanus Ngwandu, one of the Dar District YSA's, to come and open his Mission Call. He was thrilled to open and announce to us all that he was called to serve in the Zimbabwe, Harare Mission and will report to the MTC in Johannesburg, South Africa 6 Dec, 2012.  
Three exceptional missionaries, Elders Patten, Barney (who reminds us of our grandson Samuel) and Diodati, all who thought it was a great Zone Conference.
We enjoyed an entertaining dinner together that evening (President and Elder Hartman are both yellow!)
(L to R) E/ S Worthen, E/S Rydalch, Pres & Sis Broadbent, E/S Hartman, E/S Noll

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