Thursday, November 22, 2012


All 16 Senior couples from the Kenya Nairobi Mission gathered together from the various parts of Kenya and Tanzania in Nairobi for Thanksgiving at the Mission Home on Thursday and a Senior Couples Conference on Friday at the Upper Hill Mission Office.
President Broadbent and Bruce getting the Turkey's ready to Roast.

Everyone contributed to the incredible traditional American feast. President and Sister Broadbent miraculously found two whole Turkeys at the store! We ate, we sang, we played games and it almost felt like we were back in the land of the free and the home of the brave. God Bless America!
Elder Scott, President Broadbent and Elder Worthen carving the Turkeys

 After dinner we played a fun Getting-To-Know-You game,  acquired some fascinating Thanksgiving Trivia facts, then split into groups listing the many blessings in our lives. Following that we entertained ourselves by acting out some amusing Christmas Carols, then ended the evening with a African Swap Gift Exchange. We all had a happy and memorable day!

The Very Thankful Kenya Nairobi Senior Missionaries

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